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The Importance of a Will

Most people should have a will, which enables survivors to articulate the wishes of the decedent, for the distribution of their assets and earthly possessions

One of the more important aspects of drawing up a will is the appointment of an executor. In the absence of a surviving spouse, the executor should be someone who is trustworthy and who will use sound judgment in making decisions.

As circumstances change, a will should be reviewed periodically to determine if it is still consistent with original desires.

In many states if a husband or wife does not leave a will, the survivor receives one third of the estate  and the children are entitled to two thirds.

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" 

 - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Honoring Life

When someone passes away, it's not only essential to remember the life, but to ensure its meaning lights the way for those who are left behind. For more than a eighteen years, Zion Hill Mortuary has been helping families honor the lives of those they love.

As the needs of families evolve, We'll continue to provide the insights, products and services needed to make every funeral personal and  meaningful. Each time we host a visitation or memorial, we provide an opportunity for a family to share the stories and relationships that capture the essence of their loved one.

Funeral Services

A funeral service fills several important needs in today's society. First, it provides for the respectful care of the deceased, by providing a special tribute to a unique life. Equally important, the funeral service helps survivors face the reality of death- the first big step in overcoming grief. It brings together relatives and close friends who can lend support and consolation when they're needed most.

A funeral also gives friends and relatives the opprtunity to express the love and respect they feel for someone who was very important to them. Just seeing how much others cared can be a tremendous help to a family in adjusting to their loss.

Our funeral director will provide services and infromation to your family at time of need that will help you through a very emotional and personal experience.

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A traditional funeral service takes place with the body present in a casket (open or closed). Many times there is a time to gather with friends and family followed by services either at the funeral home, at a church, or other location. The specifics of the visitation and the services are all up to the family. Traditional services usually end with a graveside service at a cemetery

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Traditional Followed by Cremation

These services take place with the body present in a casket (open or closed). A visitation and / or service is held at a location of the family’s choosing. After all visitations and services, the body is cremated. Once the cremation process has taken place, the family can choose to have a graveside service or keep the cremains.

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Cremation is a process of preparing human remains for final disposition. It is a technical heating process, which reduces the remains to its basic elements, primarily bone particles and fragments, which are referred to as "cremated remains". This reduction takes place through heat and evaporation in a cremation chamber. The basic elements remaining after cremation, depending on the size of the deceased, usually weigh on average, of approximately 5 lbs. and are further reduced in size for placement in either a permanent urn or a temporary container, suitable for transport.

Zion Hill Mortuary provides a number of options when you select cremation as the final disposition for your loved. below you will find some of our most popular services with cremation. 

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Traditional Cremation

Your loved one is prepared for viewing as in a traditional funeral. There would be a visitation to allow the family and friends to gather at the funeral home during the afternoon and evening hours the day / night before the funeral service. You have two options when selecting a casket. The first option is to rent a casket from the funeral home. The second option is to purchase a casket from the funeral home.

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Memorial Service

A memorial service is a form of a funeral service where the body is immediately cremated and the body is not present at the funeral service. A family can choose to have the cremated remains of their loved one present at the funeral home or another location in a formal or informal setting for the memorial service Sea Scatterings - Your loved one is scattered at sea without a service.

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Direct Cremation

When direct cremation is selected as a means for final disposition, no services are offered. Following the cremation process, the cremated remains are given back to the family in a temporary urn. You have the option to purchase an urn other than the one provided for display.

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